Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 5 Scunthorpe hospital

1st November 2008

Oh my god do I need more sleep, Zarna didnt sleep too much over night but the nurses were kind enough to take her to reception and let me sleep for two hours, I know two hours isnt alot but after a week in here two hours was alot to me.

Jenny my friend came to visit but to be fair I wasnt much fun as I was exausted.

Zarna was a very sleepy baby she would feed then sleep , feed then sleep, here is a photo of her being burped while asleep.

Day 4 Scunthorpe Hospital

31st October 2008

I was suppose to be getting some rest! and recovering so I could go home, no chance of that it was like a circus in the ward, Dean looked after Zarna so I could put my ear plugs in and try get some sleep as I had not slept since Wed night. It wasn't going to happen the midwives would do their Obs on me ever 1/2 hour and then on Zarna too, then the cleaner came with the hoover, I wasn't impressed!!!! Dean complained for me and Debbie a friend of Ange's organised me to have a private room.

Poor Zarna , she was seen by the pediatrician as she was very slightly yellow when she came out, and he wanted to take bloods from her, nurses came with needles and poked and prodded her, they couldn't get the cannula in one hand so then they tried the other, they still failed then they decided to try her heels. Dean and I were not impressed as we had only just got her to sleep and now she was crying the hospital down with pain. The nurses said they would take a heel prick instead as Dean told them to get out, why try to cure something till you know its definitely a problem. They returned and did the heel prick and her results came back negative.

Granny came to visit at 2pm and what a proud Granny she was!!

Ange and Sharon and Keith came to Visit at night, I was tired but it was nice to see them.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Day 3 at Scunthorpe Hospital finally a result!!! Baby Zarna is born.

30th Oct 2008

I woke at 6.45 am and had 2 rounds of toast and a cup of tea and waited for Dean to arrive at 9am, I then had to wait for the doctor to examine me and decide what to do next.

The doctor decided that I would be taken to the Labour ward as soon as poss and be put on the drip which WOULD put me in to full blown labour! I suppose this was it!

I didn't get to the labour ward till 11am and I was told that i was not aloud any food once i was up there, .... Great!!!!!!!!!! Dean managed to sneak me a crunchy bar but all i could think about was food.

I lay on the bed for as long as possible but my back was killing me, so I moved to the chair, I spent an hour there before I needed to go to the bathroom , I got up and fainted my blood sugars were low and again all i could think of was food, I was starving! they turned up the drip several times and by this time the contractions were very strong, i decided to move to the bed again where I started on the Gas and Air, this was great stuff, Dean liked it too!

I had examinations every 4 hours to see if I had dilated more each time. I made it to 6 Cm's and I'm telling you it was painful, Dean was an absolute star he told the midwife stories of our holiday in India and laughed and joked which kept me going.

I laboured for 10 1/2 hours in total, then there was a shift change of midwife and I was examined again once more. To the midwifes surprise I had gone from 6 Cm's back to 2Cm's, she called for the doctor, she came and assessed the situation and made the decision to rush me down to theater, this was at 9.30pm and by 10pm i was in theater getting ready for the arrival of my baby, it wasn't a nice procedure and i shook in fear just at the needle for the spinal, this was to numb me from the waist down, I can honestly say I have never been so scared in my whole life, the thought of feeling that first cut petrified me.

Dean scrubbed up and so did the student nurse Maria who was in on the whole ordeal, she was hoping to witness a natural birth!! well she was in the wrong place, Dean asked her if she minded taking a few photos of the happy event , the photos are amazing! ( although it took me a few days to view them due to flash backs and night mares)

At 10.34 Baby Zarna Annabel List was born, weighing 6Lbs 4 Ounces, and what a beautiful baby she is.

I was taken into recovery and Dean went with Zarna, All three of us got down to the maternity ward at about 3.30 am after being in a room next to a girl going through natural labour and screaming the place down, at this point I was pleased to have a C section.

Dean left for home about 4.45am and I was suppose to get some rest in between the midwife doing her observations on me and Zarna Oh and the girl next to me snored all morning so when Dean did arrive back I hadn't slept at all! I was meant to recover in this place, no way it was an absolute joke!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Day 2 at Scunthorpe hospital

29th Oct 2008

The next morning came and i was examined yet again! another pessary!!

The food in the hospital was hit and miss!

this meal was quite filling, but for tea it was a different story, I ordered soup and to follow Jacket potatoe and cheese, well as you can see from the photo it was a bit of a joke!!

well I started with contractions and they were quite strong, so i decided to have a bath to help with the pain, and after the bath, the contractions stopped!!

The mid wife then examined me yet again at 4pm and there was still no change, it was decided to wait till the morning to find out what the next step would be.
After two days in hospital with no sleep I was beginning to feel worn out.

Day 1 Scunthorpe Hospital

Tue 28th Oct 2008

We arrived at 8am and I didnt see a doctor till 11am typical of Hospitals!

I was put on a machine that checks babies heart beat and my pulse.
then I was induced by pessary, this normally takes 6 hours for the cervix to dilate and soften.
then at 4pm I had another as there was still no change, I was then examined at 9pm and there was still no change so i was left over night to be assesed in the morning.

Still no baby!!!

Monday 27th Oct

Visit to the mid wife today as I am now a week late, my hind waters have broken and I have to go into hospital for 8am tomorrow, where i will be started off as there is a risk of infection to baby.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

D day came and went!

22th October 2008

D day came and went !(20th) im now getting rather fed up, my back hurts so much i cant even keep the house in order, so much for Gavin my Chiro saying he thought it would come early, he got my hopes up and then nothing happened, now its the 22rd of October and im thinking maybe Dean is right its just a Kebab belly and there is no baby at all, Dean said if it doesnt come in the next 4 days he doesnt want to bother and he wants his money back!!

Oh well all i can do is exist!

Grove and Rurford Pony Club Hunter Trial

5th October 2008
We woke up to it pelting it down with rain and it had been doing the same all night! but
today was the the horses last outing before baby is to be born so i convinced Dean we should go, It was a sad day for me as watching the competing has been all that has kept me going, something to focus on and enjoy while I couldn't ride, Dean was riding both today as Angus was busy, Dean hasn't sat on Hammy since the last competition in August so this was going to be fun, plus it was a step up from the last cross country it had more testing fences for Hammy.

Soil went first and ballooned round all the fences, the ground was very wet and the take off was proving not too good, it was pulling a tendon ground which i know Soli can cope with but Hammy with being older prefer a much firmer ground.

Now it was Hammys turn, well to my amazement she trammed round didn't even look at the open ditch or the water but I could see by the second to last fence she had run out of steam, Dean said he had thought of getting off and putting her on his back to finish the course! she has got a little un fit due to only hacking twice a week.
Both horse got clear!

Some Photo's of them both, I know they are not big fences but it was a day out for them. And most of all me!!!!

Last day at work!

19th September 2008

Well today was my last day at work and the office had very kindly done a collection for me,
Rob Scanlan did a speech as Neil my Boss was off on holiday.
Rob mentioned i had started work at Conoco in 1999 and I had come a long way since then, i was now Miss List and Miss Linelist and baby list was on its way!! think that was suppose to be a joke!

my presents included , which were a little strange.

A bag for before the birth included!

  • 2 Magazine's
  • 1 bag of salt and vinegar crisps
  • 1 box of Thornton's chocs
  • 1 galaxy choc bar
  • 2 pairs of big knickers (size 10 which there was no way i could fit into them, but they were frumpy)
  • 1 Palmer's stretch mark cream

A bag for after the birth included!

  • 1 slim fast milk shake( i ate on the first day)
  • 1 slim fast yogurt bar ( i ate on the first day)
  • 1 Ted Baker gift set of bubble bath
  • 1 Ted Baker body cream set
  • 1 cucumber face pack
  • 1 pair of sexy size 8 knickers
  • 1 Gift voucher for Next Baby worth £30
  • 1 Gift voucher for House of Fraser Worth £50 for me!
  • 2 baby grows
  • 1 gift plate and cup and bowl set of peter rabbit (Wedgwood)

Dean also got a little bag too which included

  • 1 pair of ear plugs
  • 1 cucumber eye soothers

So all in all i can say it was a little strange!! but the vouchers and gift sets were much appreciated, the chocolate went on the first day!! the mags well still have not had time to sit down and read them as i have been far too busy nesting!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Hammy Gets to go to a party (Aston le Walls ODE)

30th Aug 08

Hammy got to go to a ODE and was she a good girl! she got a dressage score of 39.5 which isnt too bad seens Dean has only sat on her twice in 3 months on the flat, then she did a double clear, Show jumping she wizzed round and the Cross country she ganined 3 penalties for not making the time. All in all she did a very good round, giving her a placing of 9th overall out about 40 horses, i was both pleased with Hammy and with Dean, last time dean did a ODE was in 2005.

Dean and Hammy on the way to do the show jumping!

Ok so they are not very big but she enjoyed her self and Dean did too!

We stayed over night as it was a long journey home and I dont think i was up to doing the traveling after a full day on my feet.

Me chilling out in my PJ's outside the lorry while Dean cooked Pizza!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kim and Daves Wedding Party

15th August 2008

It was held at Redbourne club Scunthorpe, the Scrap yard Dogs where playing and I danced for at least 4 songs before I was exausted! we left about 11.20pm which I dindnt think was bad for being 7 month pregnant.

Green House Grows some produce

13th August 2008

Just thought I'd share these photo's with you as Im so proud I have actually grown some thing in my Green House,

I know they have not turned red yet but its a start!!!

The Aubergine! Yum Yum !

And the Stripy Egg Plant!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008



Soli's first ever BE (British Eventing) event, she had a good score in the dressage of 29, could of been 27 if Angus hadn't gone wrong but his boot came unzipped and it put him off! we'll let him of just this last time tho ! lol

The showjumping went very well considering the ground was wet and the ring was very small, she had one pole down which gave her another 4 penalties, so now on a score of 33.

The good thing is too I think I'm getting better at taking photo's, they look like a pro's took them ! !

Well it was on the the cross country!The commentator announced that Soli had had the best Dressage score of the week end! And she has only just started.

She was as bold as brass, a little too bold, as Angus explained when he returned in a flash that she had gone quite heavy on her head and was pulling down rather than looking where she was going, the track was obv's too small for her!

She was clear cross country so finished on her score of 33 with no time faults, this put her in 2nd place!

Then we had to wait for the prize giving. And there was prize money!

Here is a photo of me being fat!